Prodiet® Colostrum, a Natural Bioactive Ingredient for Immunity

1. Colostrum, a unique dairy substance

Human and bovine colostrums have similar compositions. An inter-species efficacy has been proven Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals just after giving birth.

Colostrum is naturally rich in:

  • Immuno-stimulating factors, the most abundant being the antibody immunoglobulin G (IgG), providing an anti-microbial effect.
  • Growth factors activating cells and tissues regeneration.
  • Vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

2. Prodiet® Colostrum, a proven efficacy on immunity


  • An excellent immuno-modulatorand a supporter of infection resistance
  • 2 in vitro studies have proven the effects of Prodiet® Colostrum on immunity 2:
    • by increasing the proliferationof Lymphocytes B and reinforcingthe organism’s immune response.

    • by decreasing the secretionof pro-inflammatory cytokines.

  • Prodiet® Colostrum having a high concentration in immuno-stimulating factors such as TGF, it also increases resistance to infections.

 3. Prodiet® Colostrum, a gut health promoter

Numerous scientific studies have shown the positive action of colostrum on digestive health.

  • Optimizing digestion by enhancing theregeneration of the intestinal barrier, thanks to growth factors 3.
  • Expanding the resistance to digestiveinfections thanks to reinforcementof the immune system by IgG 4 5. 

4. Prodiet® Colostrum, an ensured physical performance efficacy

  • Boosting physical performances 6, e.g.weightlifting and distance running.
  • Helping after an effort: recovery time is reduced and damages caused by intense training are better neutralized 7.

5. Prodiet® Colostrum, a soft process to preserve a high concentration of IgG

  • Prodiet® Colostrum is a bovine colostrum with a guaranteed high concentration of IgG. IgG are temperature-sensitive biological compounds and can be partially denaturedin pasteurized colostrums. 
  • Prodiet® Colostrum is microfiltrated or ionised to limit this denaturation and maintain a high concentration of immunoglobulins. This also ensures an optimized microbiological quality.

Prodiet® Colostrum is available in 2 IgG concentration levels* according to your needs: 50% and 40%

Prodiet® Colostrum, a high microbiological quality guarantee

High quality and safety

  • Hormones and antibiotics free
  • Selected farms in the North of France for perfect freshness
  • True to our ethics, the calf receives all the colostrum it needs to start life with a strong immunity: only colostrum in excess is collected
  • Herds exempt of list A diseases for best safety
  • Complete traceability: 1 colostrum bucket per milking
  • Charter of Good Farming and Collection Practices as applied to all of our milk production

Regulatory status

  • Authorized in dietary supplements and functional foods:
  • In Europe : non novel food
  • In the US with a GRAS status (FDA)
  • In most Asian countries

Prodiet® Colostrum and its application possibilities.

Prodiet® Colostrum is also available in specific forms to match your needs (IBR-negative, microfiltrated or ionised, granulated, ...).

  • Dietary supplements
  • Functional foods Beverages 
  • Pet Foot Pet Care

Recommended dosages

  • For immune system and gut health enhancement: minimum 0.2 g IgG/day
  • For sports performance: minimum 7 g IgG/day
  • For animal nutrition: on request