Keeping Hair Strong Despite Wearing Hijab, Is This Flower the Answer?

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) have stated that the dry season will occur in July-August 2023. In early July, approximately 60 percent of Indonesia's regions will experience the dry season, including several areas in Jakarta.

The scorching heat of the sun doesn't hinder people's mobility. Everyone continues their activities as usual without any changes. Specifically, for women who wear hijab, the hot weather doesn't become a barrier to wearing this attire. However, the condition of hair tightly covered by the hijab is a concern.

Humidity causes the hair to become moist and potentially leads to a humid scalp, resulting in hair loss. There are several other risks when wet hair is covered with a hijab, such as hair loss, unpleasant odor, and the appearance of dandruff due to an itchy scalp.

Tidak ada teks alternatif tersedia untuk gambar ini


One quite worrying aspect is hair loss. According to data from the ZAP Beauty Index, 79.1 percent of Indonesian women are at risk of experiencing baldness due to hair loss. Meanwhile, 47.9 percent of Indonesian women also face the problem of dandruff on their scalp.

This condition is challenging to avoid, especially for those who are familiar with wearing hijab every day. One possible solution is to use a type of flower known as Amaranthus Caudatus or Love Lies Bleeding Flower. This plant is then developed and made into a product called Ama-Prot.

Ama-Prot is not only safe to use but also has numerous benefits. Peptides extracted from amaranth seeds are rich in positively-charged amino acids (like arginine), which can penetrate hair more easily than any other compound. Once these peptides reach the hair roots, they provide nutrition to the hair. With regular use, hair products containing Ama-Prot can replace damaged hair structures and restore the original, healthy hair.

Tidak ada teks alternatif tersedia untuk gambar ini

The use of natural ingredients in shampoo products for hijab-wearing women is also influenced by data from Statista in 2020, which shows that 99 percent of skincare users in Indonesia between the ages of 40-44 prioritize natural products. Ama-Prot, due to its high protein and amino acid content - and its biomimetic properties with the original compounds of the hair fiber - replenishes the missing components. The result? Restructured hair that is shiny, smooth, and easy to detangle and comb.

Moreover, the halal label further adds to the trust among Muslim communities. Although Ama-Prot is targeted at all groups in society. In conclusion, the Love Lies Bleeding flower can be used to strengthen and promote healthy hair. 

Here are the ingredients included in it: Aqua (and) Glycerin (and) Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract (and) Zea Mays (Corn) Starch.

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