Ginger Oil, Solution to Sensitive Skin?

Human mobilization is slightly back to normal after the pandemic Covid-19 storm. All of them are beginning to focus on physical activity including sport and working. Not only that, many people leave their house without walking on the street. They choose to drive with their own motorcycle or car. 

This is not a new phenomenon because before the pandemic, people already drive their own car. In Global, according to fami-motorcycle the sales of motorcycles in 2022 is getting better. After being hit by a pandemic storm since early 2020, motorcycle sales in Indonesia have continued to increase. Sales fell to their lowest level in 2020 by only posting 3,660,616 units or a decrease of 43.6% compared to the previous period. This figure will then start to increase in 2021 with total sales of 5,057,516 units. At the close of sales in 2022, the resale rate increased by around 3.24% compared to 2021, or as many as 5,221,469 units.

Similar to that, the sales are also increasing. Referring to, the automotive and mobility industries have certainly been among the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The picture is improving, however. Car dealerships are getting busier, and many are eagerly seeking more inventory to sell. 

This fact explains that the use of both motorcycles and cars are increasing. So, it means that the air is also affected. Vehicle commission is a new challenge to solve. According to IQ Air, Indonesia, especially Jakarta after the pandemic, is still not good enough. PM2.5 concentration in Jakarta is currently 3.6 times the WHO annual air quality guideline value. 

The air pollution is not only affecting our respiratory system but also human skin. Bad air quality can affect many things including skin. People with sensitive skin are prone to have acne or red skin if the air pollution is too much. It’s not surprising because, refers to Journal Pollution and Acne: Is There a Link? It explains that the prevalence of acne is similar between Asian and Caucasian women, but Asian women have a higher prevalence of inflammatory acne. They also report their symptoms exacerbate during periods of high air pollution. The objective of this study was to review the current evidence that links air pollution to worsening of acne symptoms. 

So, it is reasonable for many people seeking some solutions to solve their sensitive skin. One of the best solutions is to optimize natural ingredients like ginger. This commodity has a lot of benefits for skin. Used cosmetically or topically in general, ginger oil can soothe redness and eliminate bacteria, especially redness and bacteria associated with acne. Its antioxidant properties are known to have a protective effect on the skin, inhibiting the signs of skin damage and aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

So, if you want to find a solution for your sensitive skin, you can find these ingredients from Provital Not only that, you can also use another ingredients to handle your sensitive skin: 
Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (and) Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract (and) Ascorbyl Palmitate (and) BHT, in ingredients ginger Oil.