Can Eating Candy Relieve Cough Due to Pollution? Turns Out It's Because of This!

Air pollution is a significant issue as several regions are currently exposed to dirty air. Not only Jakarta, but also areas like South Tangerang, Banten, and even Bandung are affected by air pollution. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) has revealed that over 24.5 million motorcycles entered Jakarta in 2022, with the majority using fossil fuels.

Poor air quality undoubtedly affects the health of everyone. Respiratory problems and lung issues are inevitable consequences. One of the evident effects of air pollution on humans is persistent coughing. The cause is the polluted air carrying hazardous pollutant particles.



Furthermore, with the ongoing pollution conditions, the potential for persistent cough symptoms remains. Taking medicine is a necessary step for those who suffer from this. However, currently, people tend to opt for herbal remedies. Refers to data from Statista, which shows that there is an increasing worldwide demand for herbs and spices, leading to an annual growth rate of 6.44 percent (CAGR 2023-2028) in the market size.

Moreover, according to data from Mordor Intelligence, the global market for medicated confectionery (including chocolate, snack bars, candy & sugar confectionery, and gum & mint) is projected to grow by 4.3 percent over the next five years from 2023 to 2028. It indicates that consumers are showing a preference for herbal-based confectionery products such as snack bars and candies because they offer higher energy content and can be consumed as meal replacements.

The crucial ingredient in herbal-based confectionery is Basil Extract. This extract has antibacterial and antiviral properties, acts as an expectorant, aids focus, alleviates headaches, reduces feelings of fear, anger, negative thoughts, and mental fatigue, and treats conditions from bronchitis to coughs and flu.



Candy is one of the most effective and versatile forms of consumption. Despite its small size, the resulting flavor can have a significant impact. Here's the Basil Extract formula in candy: Isomalt, Sorbitol, Basil Extract, Honey Powder, Lemon Flavor, Menthol Oil, Citric Acid, AC-K.

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