General Description

Mascara, a popular eye makeup product, consists of a carefully selected blend of ingredients that work together to enhance the appearance of lashes. These ingredients are chosen to provide volume, length, curl, and definition to the lashes, giving them a more dramatic and eye-catching look. One of the key components found in mascara is pigment. Pigments provide color to the lashes, enhancing their visibility and creating a more pronounced effect. Mascara pigments come in various shades, allowing individuals to choose the color that best complements their eye color and desired makeup look.

Additionally, mascaras may contain ingredients that contribute to the curling or volumizing effect. Curl-enhancing ingredients help to lift and curl the lashes, creating a more open and wide-eyed look. Volumizing ingredients, on the other hand, work to add thickness and fullness to the lashes, making them appear more voluminous and lush.

Suggestion Ingredients

Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer
Caruba wax
Acrylates/VA Copolymer

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