Our Story

Why Choose SML

Our specialty chemicals meet customer needs with unique products deeply rooted in Indonesia's fast-growing market. Supported by a global supplier network, our laboratory enables customized formulations. We also prioritize good warehousing practices for quality and secure raw material handling.

Our Vision

To reach our maximum potential and benefiting others.

Our Mission

To provide innovative products and solution that create value to our clients.

To be the trusted partner of choice for our clients.

To work closely with the business partners and principals to develop quality and highly marketable products for our customers.

To develop competent, innovative, and dedicated human capital for the growth of the company.

Board of Commissioners

  • 15 Years Experience in FMCG Industry
  • 10 Years of Experience in Chemical Industry


  • Bachelor of Engineering at Trisakti University (1999)


President Commissioner

  • 32 Years Experience in Construction Business
  • 10 Years Experience in Chemical Industry

Halim Liawan


  • 30 Years Experience at Capital Market (Bapepam)
  • 15 Years Experience as Audit Committee and Independent Commissioner


  • Bachelor of Law at Krisnadwipayana University (1979)
  • Master of Law at Krisnadwipayana University (2001)

Basa Sidabutar

Independent Commissioner

Board of Directors

  • 16 Years Experience in Chemical Industry
  • 8 Years Experience in FMCG Industry


  • Bachelor of Computer Science at Binus University (1999)
  • Master of Management at Binus University (2021)

Siu Min

Founder & CEO

  • 20 Years Experience in Chemical Industry
  • 3 Years Experience in Textile Industry


  • Bachelor of Economics at STIE Bandung (1998)
  • Master of Management at Parahyangan University (2002)

Tanti Royani

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

  • More than 25 Years Experience of Raw Material for Food, Personal Care, and Nutraceutical Industry


  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at University of Indonesia (1992)
  • Master of Management at Northern California Global University (2001)

Yulia Rosaline

Managing Director

  • 10 Years experiences in General and Heavy Construction Industry
  • Bachelor of Engineering at University of Birmingham (2003)

Liawan Yusdianto

Managing Director

Food Ingredients

Food ingredients are one of the core competencies of SML, with an average sales report of 20-30% and customer growth of 15-20% in the period 2017-2022, SML has been striving to keep developing new markets each year.

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