Noodle & Soup


Blackpepper Curry Leaf Mustard
Capsicum Decalepis Nutmeg
Cardamom Dill Seed Onion
Cassia Fennel Paprika
Celery Fenugreek Pimento
Cinnamon Gardenia Rosemary
Clove Garlic Tamarind
Cocoa Ginger Turmeric
Coffee Hing (Asafoetida) Whitepepper
Coriander Jalapeno pepper
Cumin Mace

Necol – Natural Color

Green Pink Yellow
Orange Red Blue

Natural Flavour

Barbeque Flavour Fried Chilli Flavour Spice Blend Oil
Barbeque Sauce Flavour Fried Garlic Flavour Tandoori Flavour
Chipotle Flavour Fried Onion Flavour Tarragon Oil Type
Chocolate Flavour Ketchup Flavour

Super Critical Fluid Extract

Blackpepper Cumin Pimento
Black Tea Fennel Pinkpepper
Capsicum Fenugreek Rosemary
Cardamom Garlic Sesame
Cassia Ginger Star Anise
Celery Green Tea Thyme
Cinnamon Mace Turmeric
Clove Nutmeg Vanilla
Coffee Onion Whitepepper
Coriander Paprika

Noodle/Oat/Pasta Seasoning

Apple Cinnamon Instant Noodle – Beef Strawberry Milk
Chicken flavour for Noodles Instant Noodle – Chicken Sweet and Sour noodle seasoning
Chinese Masala Instant Noodle – Tandori Vanila Sugar
Ginger Orange  Shrimp Seasoning Vegetable Flavour for Noodles
Hot & Spicy Spicy Flavour for Noodles


Chicken Noodle Soup Ginger Lemon Soup Oriental Sweet Corn Soup
Chicken Pepper Soup Instant Brocolli Soup Shrimp
Chicken Stock Instant Chicken Soup Spicy Tomato Soup
Chinese Tomato Soup Instant Mushroom Soup Sweet Corn Chicken Soup
Creamy Chicken Soup Instant Tomato Soup Tom Yum Soup
Creamy of Garlic Soup Masala Noodle Soup Tomato Vegetable Soup
Creamy of Tomato soup Meat Stock Vegetable Stock
Fish Stock


Carrot Dish