Meat Processing


Blackpepper Curry Leaf Mustard
Capsicum Decalepis Nutmeg
Cardamom Dill Seed Onion
Cassia Fennel Paprika
Celery Fenugreek Pimento
Cinnamon Gardenia Rosemary
Clove Garlic Tamarind
Cocoa Ginger Turmeric
Coffee Hing (Asafoetida) Whitepepper
Coriander Jalapeno pepper
Cumin Mace

Essential Oil

Ajowa Cumin Seed Mustard
Aniseed Curry Leaf Nutmeg
Basil Davana Olibanum
Blackpepper Dill Seed Palmarosa
Calamus Fennel Parsley Seed
Cadramom Garlic Patchouli
Cassia Ginger Pimento
Cedarwood Ginger Grass Rosemary
Celery Seed Greenpepper Spearmint
Cinnamon Bark Hing (Asafoetida) Thyme
Cinnamon Leaf Horse Raddish Turmeric
Citronella Juniper Berry Valerian Root
Clove Bud Lemongrass Vetivert
Clove Leaf Mace Whitepepper
Coriander Marjoram Onion

Spice (Whole, Ground, and Powder)

Blackpepper Clove Ginger
Cardamom Coriander Mace
Celery Cumin Nutmeg
Chili Fennel Vanilla
Cinnamon Fenugreek Whitepepper
Turmeric Paprika

Green Spice Extract

Coriander Leaf Ginger Onion
Curry Leaf Green Chilli Pepper

Herbal Extract

Basil Mint Sage
Laurel Reganum Thyme
Lavender Rosemary

Necol – Natural Color

Green Pink Yellow
Orange Red Blue

Neaox – Natural Antioxidant

Anthocyanin Oregano Thyme
Carotenoids Rosemary Turmeric
Green Tea Sage

Natural Flavour

Barbeque Flavour Fried Chilli Flavour Spice Blend Oil
Barbeque Sauce Flavour Fried Garlic Flavour Tandoori Flavour
Chipotle Flavour Fried Onion Flavour Tarragon Oil Type
Chocolate Flavour Ketchup Flavour

Super Critical Fluid Extract

Blackpepper Cumin Pimento
Black Tea Fennel Pinkpepper
Capsicum Fenugreek Rosemary
Cardamom Garlic Sesame
Cassia Ginger Star Anise
Celery Green Tea Thyme
Cinnamon Mace Turmeric
Clove Nutmeg Vanilla
Coffee Onion Whitepepper
Coriander Paprika

Meat And Fish Seasoning

Barbeque Fried Chicken – Kentucky Marinade Kentucky Marinade
Chilli Chicken Fried Chicken – Southern Spicy Marinade Tandoori Marinade
Chilli Marinade Garlic Chicken Thai Chilli

Speciality Ingredient

BBQ Flavour Chicken Roast Parmesan Cheese Base Flavour
Beef C RFP/GIG Cooked Potato Parmesan Cheese Powder
Beef Cooked RFP/GIG Cooked Vegetable Pizza Flavour
Beef Cooked RFP/GIG Curry Concentrate Roasted Beef
Beef Flavour Fish Flavour Roasted Chicken
Beef Grilled RFP/GIG Fresh Tomato Savoury booster
Beef Roast Mix Flavour Fried Curry Leaf Flavour Shrimp
Beef Roasted RFP/GIG Fried Onion Shrimp Flavour
Buffer Enchancer Gouda Cheese Base Smoke Enchancer Flavor
Cheddar Cheese Base Green Curry Leaf SYM HGP
Cheddar Cheese Powder Herby Coriander Flavor SYM HPP
Cheese Hydrolyzed Vegetables Protein SYN HVP – Beef
Cheese Cheddar Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein SYM HVP – Chicken
Cheese Enchancer Jalapeno Flavour SYM SMOKE
Chicken Ketchup Flavour SYMMAX
Chicken Boiled Flavour Liquid Chicken Flavour SYMMAX – Chicken
Chicken Fatty MSG Replacer Tomato Booster
Chicken Flavour Mustard

Food Additives

Colagen casing Colagen Hydrolize